Dr. Florian ENDRÖS

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Dr. Florian ENDRÖS

Partner - Founder

Dr. Florian ENDRÖS, registered as an Avocat to the Paris Bar as well as a German Rechtsanwalt, founded the law firm in 1997 which takes shape as EBA Endrös-Baum Associés in 2008. EBA established itself as an international law firm, especially in the area of industrial risk and industrial liability. With his widely recognised expertise, Dr. Florian ENDRÖS represents and assists clients in complex international procedures.


Practice areas

  • Product liability
  • Supplier and producer liability
  • Industrial risk and industrial liability
  • Construction law
  • Contractual liability


  • Paris Bar since 1994
  • Munich Bar since 1998


  • Law studies at the Universities of Munich and Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I)
  • Doctorate in European and French product liability law

Other Activities

  • Former assistant professor at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris)

Selected publications

Numerous articles and publications on French product liability (especially Produkt und Produzentenhaftung in Frankreich, Kullmann Pfister 2012; Produkthaftung in Frankreich, 2009; Kaufvertrag in Frankreich, 1999; Das selbstständige Beweisverfahren in Frankreich, ein beunruhigender Klassiker, PHi 1998)


German – French – English